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About Dr. Lougenia J. TrailBlazer Rucker

Trailblazing paths of transformation for women of faith for 20+ years in the marketplace, Dr. Lougenia J. Rucker empowers them with an unshakeable faith and a purpose-driven global mandate by which she supports them to get unstuck, breakthrough, unlocks their full brilliant potential and live a more abundant lifestyle.

As Founder of Divine Diamonds Ministries, she pioneers as a marketplace Apostle, equipping and empowering with training, authentic life-coaching, and kingdom mentorship. She creates collaborations and teaches and leads game-changers to own their stories, change the game, create brand strategies, and connect them to their true audience. In addition, she mentors Kingdom Trailblazers to take their business to the next dimension, generate multiple streams of income and create generational legacies of wealth and blessings.

An award-winning entrepreneur and author of best-selling books, including Amazon’s 2021 Best Seller, “Digging Diamonds,” Dr. Rucker supports leaders to build businesses and brands to accelerate their growth through clarification, visualization, relationships, collaboration, transformation, and ultimate manifestation.

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